Tips to Build a Strong Motorcycle Accident Case

by Aug 14, 2022Article

Some of the most difficult types of cases to litigate are often motorcycle accident cases. Motorcycle accident cases are often extremely complicated due to the nature of the types of injuries involved, the mechanics of the accident itself, and various elements that impacted the accident. There may also be certain biases involved regarding how motorcyclists behave. Due to these various complications, motorcycle accident victims need to be proactive about protecting their rights and understand what they are entitled to. Here are some tips on what to do if you get into a motorcycle accident.

Build A Strong Case After A Motorcycle Accident 

There are several factors that can directly impact your motorcycle accident case. Below are some tips to keep in mind in case you get into a motorcycle accident to protect your case so you can get the compensation you deserve.

  • Immediately seek medical attention: Motorcycle accidents can be extremely severe due to the vehicle’s lack of external protection and can cause serious injuries like traumatic brain injuries, head trauma, fractures, or paralysis. Even if the motorcycle accident victim doesn’t feel like their injuries are serious, they should still seek immediate medical attention because certain injuries may not display symptoms for days or even weeks. Moreover, seeking medical attention as soon as possible following an accident helps to establish the timing of the injury and offer documentation of injuries and costs.
  • Continue medical treatment: The accident victim should continue their treatment regimen according to doctor’s instructions until it is fully complete, including taking time off. It is often mandatory for the victim to have finished all necessary medical treatment before a claim can be settled so they can establish the appropriate damages. Insurers often find ways to deny claims or lowball insureds, and they may blame part of the plaintiff’s injuries on not properly following medical advice. 
  • Get a police report: Calling the police and getting a formal report not only documents the accident for insurance but also may offer important information, such as information about the other driver’s vehicle, insurance, identity, and potential reckless behaviors that contributed to the accident.
  • Wait to repair your bike: The motorcycle itself is a big piece of evidence and shows the severity of the accident. Physical property can help establish the nature of the accident, especially if accident reconstruction experts are called to testify.
  • Take photos: Take pictures of evidence including the damaged bike, all vehicles involved, and weather conditions. Also document your injuries.
  • Get contact information: If possible, get the contact information of any witnesses at the scene.
  • Keep documentation: Make sure to record all accident-related expenses and keep receipts, including medical expenses, property damage, and time lost from work. 
  • Stay off social media: Posting comments or pictures about the accident may compromise the victim’s case or end up being used as proof against the victim in the claim. Insurance companies may use such posts to say that the motorcyclist is taking part in dangerous activities or out and about when they’re supposed to be seriously injured.

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