Things To Know About Slip & Fall Accidents

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Slip & Fall accidents are one of the leading causes of personal injury lawsuits in the United States. Terry M. Rosenblum & Associates have decades of experience successfully representing clients in personal injury cases and have settled countless Slip & Fall accident cases. Read on to learn more about Slip & Fall accidents, and how you may be entitled to compensation for your Slip & Fall accident.

Common Slip & Fall Accident Facts

Below are some things you should know about Slip & Fall accidents.

  • The majority of Florida slip and falls occur in grocery stores, shopping centers, supermarkets, malls, convenience stores, department stores, bars, nightclubs, and gas stations. The common culprit is typically from liquid being left on the floor.
  • People may slip and fall at supermarkets on small pieces of fruit or from a product that leaks liquid from the shelf to the floor.
  • Oftentimes, slip and falls occur in areas that people know are wet, but are much more slippery than they expected. Such situations include painted walkways that are expected to be slippery, but not iced over. In such cases, experts can help by testifying to whetherthe area meets the applicable code when it comes to slip resistance.
  • Slipping and falling can be an embarrassing occurrence, so many people who are victims of slip and falls don’t report it when it happens. They may think that they’ll be fineand don’t want to bother anybody. Then when it turns out to be a more serious injury that can have lasting impacts, they have to call or go back to tell the manager what happened. It is best to report the incident right away.
  • The most common types of injuries from slip and fall accidents are lower back injuries like sciatic nerve issues, herniated and bulging disks, and annular tears. Hip fracturesare also common.
  • When people fall, they often reach their arms out to catch themselves, which can result in strained or sprained shoulders, leaving people with torn labrums, torn rotator cuffs, torn biceps tendons, and fractured shoulders. When people fall with outstretched arms, they may also break their wrists and elbows.

Useful Slip And Fall Accident Points To Know For Your Case

  • Make sure to speak to a manager or supervisor and file a formal incident report as soon as possible. Ask for a copy of the report.
  • The issue that is most often litigated is whether the defendant knew or should have known of the hazardous condition that caused the slip and fall. This is known as actual or constructive notice.
  • Make sure to take pictures of the area where you fell before any employees clean up the hazardous condition that caused you to fall. Also, take pictures of any injuries you sustained after the fall.
  • Store cameras don’t always capture a slip and fall accident. Sometimes, the store intentionally deleted the camera footage. In other situations, there simply were no cameras to capture the accident. It is important to hire an attorney right away so that the appropriate spoliation notices can be sent to the defendant, to put them on notice not to destroy any camera footage that may have captured the incident.

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