Cruise Ship Slip & Fall Accidents

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Many wonderful, relaxing holidays are spent on cruise ships. It’s a great way to see different parts of the world, travel the oceans in comfort and luxury, and have your every need taken care of. Unfortunately, sometimes a vacation is cut short due to unforeseen circumstances like injury. What’s supposed to be a relaxing trip can quickly turn into an uncomfortable nightmare when a slip-and-fall accident leaves you hurting. Slip-and-falls are a major cause of injury on cruise ships, and can result in significant consequences for the victims. If you slip and fall on a cruise ship, it’s important to know what your legal options are. Read on to learn more about cruise ship slip and fall accidents and how you may be able to get the compensation you deserve with the help of an experienced cruise ship accident lawyer. 

Why Slip & Fall Accidents Happen On Cruise Ships

One of the most common types of injuries that people on cruise ships receive are slip-and-falls. This is fairly self-explanatory; you’re on a vessel floating in water that requires constant attention and maintenance, and with plenty of opportunities for liquids to spill. If someone goes to the bar, gets a drink, and spills it, it doesn’t take much for someone to slip on it and twist an ankle or even break a bone. Or, other passengers heading to and from the waterslide may in an ironic turn of fate trail water, creating a less fun sort of “slip and slide” that results in a catastrophic injury. Plus, you’re on a ship- rain can enter the vessel from unsecured doors and windows and wet the floors, certain parts of the ship may not be well maintained and have hazardous materials to trip on, the ship may encounter a storm and make it even more difficult to stay upright… Due to the myriad ways slips may happen, cruise ship staff are required to be vigilant and follow certain protocol to ensure the safety of their guests. This is where duty of care comes in.

Duty Of Care

Duty of care refers to the level of care required to prevent injury. As a passenger on a cruise ship, the cruise company owes you a duty of care, meaning that they are obligated to protect you from injury from foreseeable causes. However, this doesn’t apply if you act in a reckless manner, such as going into an area of the ship clearly marked off-limits.

Breaching Duty Of Care

  • Keeping the ship clean and in good order: They are responsible for making sure the decks are kept clean, walkways aren’t blocked, and dangerous areas clearly marked off. If they’re cleaning an area, they need to make clear signs warning passengers the floor may be wet. 
  • Correct unsafe situations: If the cruise company is aware of a dangerous situation, they must actively take steps to ensure the safety of passengers. If a floorboard comes loose and they find out, or if a passenger spills a drink, they must rectify the situation or mark off the area clearly until it is fixed.

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