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Every year, thousands of people experience car accidents in the United States. Some accidents result in serious disability or injury, while others can be fatal. If you or somebody close to you was involved in a car accident in Florida and suffered an injury, you may choose to file a personal injury claim. After an accident, there are many bills- from medical expenses, to wages lost from not being able to work. Your Florida personal injury protection (PIP) insurance plan may not cover all of these damages, which is why you may choose to pursue a car accident claim.

Factors In Auto Accident Claims

Every single automobile accident is unique, since there are so many factors at play. This means that every auto accident claim is also unique and should be dealt with accordingly. When evaluating your claim, it’s essential to account for all of the specific details and contributing factors. 

Some factors which may impact a car accident include:

  • Failure to put up signs or traffic signals in the area the crash happened
  • Maintenance issues or poor road conditions
  • If distracted or drunk driving was to blame
  • Condition of vehicle parts and vehicle
  • If driver error was involved

All of these factors, and others can make a huge difference to our claim, which is why here at T.M.R. & Associates we prioritize a personal connection with our clients and make sure to account for every factor possible. The world of insurance is not an easy place to navigate, especially if you were injured and have a pile of other things on your plate following an accident. This is why for victims of a car accident, choosing a good personal injury attorney can be essential. When choosing your legal counsel, you need somebody on your side who is not afraid of going hand-to-hand with insurance companies, has experience in personal injury claims, and will handle your case in a timely fashion.

Car Accident Claim Types

Driver negligence is unfortunately the cause of most car accidents. Due to this fact, it’s essential that your Florida car accident lawyer does a thorough job investigating after the accident occurs.


If your Florida auto accident attorney can prove negligence on the part of the other party, it gives you the best shot at winning your personal injury claim. Some examples of negligence include: distracted driving, drunk driving, failure to yield, etc.

Road Conditions, Design, Or Faulty Construction

If no other factors were at play, besides road conditions, design, or faulty construction, the driver is not considered at-fault, and may receive compensation

Defective Car Parts

If either of the parties involved can prove they had a defective part in their car prior to the accident, they may have a claim against the vehicle manufacturer.

Compensation Following A Car Accident

If an agreement for your claim cannot be reached between your insurance company and your personal injury lawyer, the case may need to be taken to trial. However, expenses and charges from the accident can pile up quickly before the case is settled and you receive compensation. That’s why Rosenblum & Mayer is here to help you recover as much of those costs as possible.

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If you or a loved one were involved in an auto accident, you may want to seek legal counsel to help you navigate the claims process and get the compensation you deserve. T.M.R. & Associates is a top auto accident lawyer based in Hollywood, FL. Call Rosenblum & Mayer for a free initial consultation today!